1Kings Heath Sports22006
2AFC Telford United22006
3Stratford Town Colts22006
4Aylestone Park Youth22006
5Stafford Rangers Juniors Colts22006
6Boldmere St Michaels Juniors RS22006
7Solihull Moors FC GB/CC22006
8Lye Town Youth22006
9Mansfield Town Youth21104
10Hednesford Town Youth Development21104
11D S Juniors21104
12Coventry Sky Blues Eagles21104
13Brackley Town Juniors21104
14Tamworth Academy21104
15Lee Hurst School Football Development21104
16NC United FC11003
17Northampton O.N. Chenecks Youth11003
18Rushall Olympic Youth Development11003
19Coventry Copsewood Junior21013
20Stourport Swifts Juniors21013
21Walsall Community Trust11003
23Leek Wootton21013
24Allscott AFC21013
25Nuneaton Borough21013
26Sutton United21013
27Mercia Juniors Eagles21013
28Shrewsbury Town In The Community21013
29Boldmere St Michaels Juniors Bears20202
30C S Colts10101
31Heather Juniors Pumas20111
32P S Olympic20111
33Mickleover R B L Lions20111
34Halas Hawks Junior United20111
35Atherstone Rangers Junior Jaguars10010
36Coventry Sphinx Juniors20020
37Tamworth FC10010
38Lichfield Round Table Galaxy20020
39Dudley Town Youth20020
40Diamonds Academy Saturday Blue10010
41Stafford Rangers Juniors10010
42Football First Academy20020
43Ambleside Junior Allstars10010
44Oldbury United20020
45Haunchwood Sports Juniors20020
46Nunnery Wood Colts20020
47Solihull Moors FC DW/DR20020
48Banbury United Youth20020

Recent Results

MJPL14/09/19AFC Telford United U147 – 2Berkswich U14
MJPL14/09/19Allscott AFC U142 – 1Atherstone Rangers Junior U14 Jaguars
MJPL14/09/19Aylestone Park Youth U1410 – 0Banbury United Youth U14
MJPL14/09/19Brackley Town Juniors U142 – 2Boldmere St Michaels Juniors U14 Bears
MJPL14/09/19Coventry Copsewood Junior U148 – 2Ambleside Junior U14 Allstars
MJPL14/09/19Coventry Sky Blues U14 Eagles2 – 2Heather Juniors U14 Pumas
MJPL14/09/19Coventry Sphinx Juniors U140 – 1Mercia Juniors U14 Eagles
MJPL14/09/19Football First Academy U141 – 6Boldmere St Michaels Juniors U14 RS
MJPL14/09/19Hednesford Town Youth Development U143 – 0Nuneaton Borough U14
MJPL14/09/19Lee Hurst School Football Dev U141 – 1C S Colts U14
MJPL14/09/19Mansfield Town Youth U146 – 1Diamonds Academy Saturday U14 Blue
MJPL14/09/19Mickleover R B L U14 Lions2 – 2D S Juniors U14
MJPL14/09/19Northampton O.N. Chenecks Youth U142 – 1Sutton United U14
MJPL14/09/19P S Olympic U143 – 3Tamworth Academy U14
MJPL14/09/19Rushall Olympic Youth Development U147 – 0Nunnery Wood Colts U14
MJPL14/09/19Shrewsbury Town In The Community U143 – 1Dudley Town Youth U14
MJPL14/09/19Solihull Moors FC U14 DW/DR0 – 10Kings Heath Sports U14
MJPL14/09/19Solihull Moors FC U14 GB/CC3 – 1Leek Wootton U14
MJPL14/09/19Stafford Rangers Juniors U14 Colts7 – 2Halas Hawks Junior U14 United
MJPL14/09/19Stourport Swifts Juniors U144 – 0Haunchwood Sports Juniors U14
MJPL14/09/19Stratford Town Colts U148 – 2Oldbury United U14
MJPL14/09/19Tamworth FC U140 – 2Lye Town Youth U14
MJPL14/09/19Walsall Community Trust U142 – 0Lichfield Round Table U14 Galaxy
MJPL07/09/19Aylestone Park Youth U143 – 2Allscott AFC U14
MJPL07/09/19Banbury United Youth U140 – 8AFC Telford United U14
MJPL07/09/19C S Colts U14P – PAtherstone Rangers Junior U14 Jaguars
MJPL07/09/19D S Juniors U146 – 1Shrewsbury Town In The Community U14
MJPL07/09/19Dudley Town Youth U140 – 2Brackley Town Juniors U14
MJPL07/09/19Football First Academy U142 – 3Lee Hurst School Football Dev U14
MJPL07/09/19Halas Hawks Junior U14 United1 – 1Boldmere St Michaels Juniors U14 Bears
MJPL07/09/19Heather Juniors U14 Pumas1 – 2Boldmere St Michaels Juniors U14 RS
MJPL07/09/19Hednesford Town Youth Development U140 – 0Mansfield Town Youth U14
MJPL07/09/19Leek Wootton U144 – 1Mickleover R B L U14 Lions
MJPL07/09/19Lye Town Youth U143 – 2Coventry Copsewood Junior U14
MJPL07/09/19Mercia Juniors U14 Eagles1 – 3NC United FC U14
MJPL07/09/19Nuneaton Borough U144 – 1P S Olympic U14
MJPL07/09/19Nunnery Wood Colts U140 – 6Berkswich U14
MJPL07/09/19Oldbury United U142 – 4Stafford Rangers Juniors U14 Colts
MJPL07/09/19Solihull Moors FC U14 GB/CC4 – 0Solihull Moors FC U14 DW/DR
MJPL07/09/19Stafford Rangers Juniors U140 – 5Kings Heath Sports U14
MJPL07/09/19Stourport Swifts Juniors U141 – 3Coventry Sky Blues U14 Eagles
MJPL07/09/19Stratford Town Colts U146 – 1Haunchwood Sports Juniors U14
MJPL07/09/19Sutton United U141 – 0Coventry Sphinx Juniors U14
MJPL07/09/19Tamworth Academy U143 – 2Lichfield Round Table U14 Galaxy

Upcoming Fixtures

MJPL21/09/19Tamworth Academy U14Football First Academy U14
MJPL21/09/19Ambleside Junior U14 AllstarsHaunchwood Sports Juniors U14
MJPL21/09/19Atherstone Rangers Junior U14 JaguarsCoventry Sphinx Juniors U14
MJPL21/09/19Banbury United Youth U14P S Olympic U14
MJPL21/09/19C S Colts U14Solihull Moors FC U14 DW/DR
MJPL21/09/19Coventry Copsewood Junior U14Stratford Town Colts U14
MJPL21/09/19Coventry Sky Blues U14 EaglesBrackley Town Juniors U14
MJPL21/09/19D S Juniors U14Walsall Community Trust U14
MJPL21/09/19Diamonds Academy Saturday U14 BlueStafford Rangers Juniors U14 Colts
MJPL21/09/19Dudley Town Youth U14Mansfield Town Youth U14
MJPL21/09/19Halas Hawks Junior U14 UnitedMickleover R B L U14 Lions
MJPL21/09/19Kings Heath Sports U14Lichfield Round Table U14 Galaxy
MJPL21/09/19Lye Town Youth U14AFC Telford United U14
MJPL21/09/19Mercia Juniors U14 EaglesShrewsbury Town In The Community U14
MJPL21/09/19NC United FC U14Aylestone Park Youth U14
MJPL21/09/19Nuneaton Borough U14Boldmere St Michaels Juniors U14 Bears
MJPL21/09/19Nunnery Wood Colts U14Tamworth FC U14
MJPL21/09/19Oldbury United U14Lee Hurst School Football Dev U14
MJPL21/09/19Rushall Olympic Youth Development U14Northampton O.N. Chenecks Youth U14
MJPL21/09/19Solihull Moors FC U14 GB/CCHednesford Town Youth Development U14
MJPL21/09/19Stafford Rangers Juniors U14Berkswich U14
MJPL21/09/19Stourport Swifts Juniors U14Heather Juniors U14 Pumas
MJPL21/09/19Sutton United U14Allscott AFC U14
MJPL21/09/19Leek Wootton U14Boldmere St Michaels Juniors U14 RS
MJPL28/09/19Tamworth FC U14Diamonds Academy Saturday U14 Blue
MJPL28/09/19AFC Telford United U14Kings Heath Sports U14
MJPL28/09/19Allscott AFC U14Haunchwood Sports Juniors U14
MJPL28/09/19Ambleside Junior U14 AllstarsSutton United U14
MJPL28/09/19Berkswich U14Tamworth Academy U14
MJPL28/09/19Brackley Town Juniors U14C S Colts U14
MJPL28/09/19Coventry Sphinx Juniors U14Banbury United Youth U14
MJPL28/09/19Dudley Town Youth U14Solihull Moors FC U14 GB/CC
MJPL28/09/19Football First Academy U14D S Juniors U14
MJPL28/09/19Heather Juniors U14 PumasHalas Hawks Junior U14 United
MJPL28/09/19Lee Hurst School Football Dev U14Stourport Swifts Juniors U14
MJPL28/09/19Lichfield Round Table U14 GalaxyLye Town Youth U14
MJPL28/09/19Mansfield Town Youth U14Oldbury United U14
MJPL28/09/19Mickleover R B L U14 LionsCoventry Sky Blues U14 Eagles
MJPL28/09/19Northampton O.N. Chenecks Youth U14Stafford Rangers Juniors U14
MJPL28/09/19P S Olympic U14Coventry Copsewood Junior U14
MJPL28/09/19Shrewsbury Town In The Community U14Nuneaton Borough U14
MJPL28/09/19Solihull Moors FC U14 DW/DRAtherstone Rangers Junior U14 Jaguars
MJPL28/09/19Stafford Rangers Juniors U14 ColtsNunnery Wood Colts U14
MJPL28/09/19Stratford Town Colts U14Mercia Juniors U14 Eagles
MJPL28/09/19Walsall Community Trust U14Hednesford Town Youth Development U14
MJPL28/09/19Aylestone Park Youth U14Leek Wootton U14
MJPL28/09/19Boldmere St Michaels Juniors U14 BearsRushall Olympic Youth Development U14
MJPL28/09/19Boldmere St Michaels Juniors U14 RSNC United FC U14
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