1Eastwood C Youth141112602634
2Aylestone Park Youth131111552434
3Brewood Juniors121011481131
4Sedgley White Lions121002442430
5Alvechurch Colts121002441930
6Stone Dominoes Development Red15834483827
7Alvis Junior13814482825
8Shrewsbury Town In The Community13733412624
9Wyrley Juniors Panthers12732522124
10A F C Gornal East11722381223
11Lichfield Round Table White12723312023
12Newcastle Town Juniors Community11713472822
13Sutton Coldfield Town Juniors9711331422
14Hednesford Town Youth Development14644343522
15Lichfield Round Table Silver11704362321
16AFC Telford United12633382521
17Solihull Moors FC DS12705332221
18Allexton & New Parks Junior11704332621
19Trysull Tigers West13625403620
20Belvedere Park10613342019
21Bilbrook Juniors12615272419
22Lane Head Swifts12534272118
23Borrowash Victoria9531261918
24Shifnal Harriers Juniors12606383118
25D B A Juniors10604342918
26Coventry Sporting12444272116
27Newcastle Town Juniors10514272316
28Edgbaston Eagles YD12516272916
29Rugby Borough12444392916
30Allscott AFC12516214816
31Basford United Community Youth F.C.10433313015
32A F C Hilton12507253115
33C S Colts13508335415
34Corby Warriors Youth Warrior Dons8431211315
35Tamworth FC11434262415
36Wolverhampton Olympic United11506274415
37Stratford Town Colts11353252514
38Phoenix United Minor12417475513
39Caterpillar Juniors10343193013
41Abbey Hulton United Youth FC10415331813
42Harpole Elite11407343812
43Solihull M12336302712
44Sutton United8404181912
45Boldmere St Michaels Juniors DT13409353712
46Diamonds Academy Red10406293112
47Wyrley Juniors Warriors10334303212
48Droitwich Spa Boys & Girls10406203512
49Nunnery Wood Colts12327294111
50Brackley Town Juniors14329325811
51Leicester Road Juniors10325162211
52Oadby Owls10424263411 *
53Crewe Sharks9315402810
54Coventry Sky Blues Eagles13319223910
55Mansfield Town Youth1020820409 *
56Dudley Sports Juniors1230913479
57Bedworth United FC15301226629
58Tamworth Academy821518377
59Banbury United Youth1021721417
60Kidderminster Lions901816361
61Oadby Owls 2018800813430
62Stafford Rangers Juniors910810500 *

*adjustments made

Recent Results

CUP11/01/20Wyrley Juniors U15 WarriorsH – WStafford Rangers Juniors U15
Stafford Rangers withdrew from cup
CUP04/01/20A F C Gornal U15 East4 – 1Borrowash Victoria U15
CUP04/01/20A F C Hilton U152 – 1Diamonds Academy U15 Red
CUP04/01/20AFC Telford United U150 – 2Shifnal Harriers Juniors U15
CUP04/01/20Abbey Hulton United Youth FC U157 – 0Leicester Road Juniors U15
CUP04/01/20Allscott AFC U151 – 5Oadby Owls U15
CUP04/01/20Alvechurch Colts U156 – 2Belvedere Park U15
CUP04/01/20Aylestone Park Youth U154 – 3Corby Warriors Youth U15 Warrior Dons
MJPL04/01/20Bedworth United FC U151 – 3Sutton United U15
CUP04/01/20Brewood Juniors U15H – WCoventry Sphinx Juniors U15 (Resigned)
Discipline Case
CUP04/01/20Caterpillar Juniors U151 – 0Crewe U15 Sharks
CUP04/01/20Coventry Sporting U152 – 1Harpole U15 Elite
CUP04/01/20D B A U15 Juniors2 – 1Basford United Community Youth F.C. U15
CUP04/01/20Eastwood C Youth U151 – 0Alvis Junior U15
MJPL04/01/20Edgbaston Eagles U15 YD4 – 0Brackley Town Juniors U15
MJPL04/01/20Lane Head U15 Swifts1 – 1Stone Dominoes Development U15 Red
MJPL04/01/20Lichfield Round Table U15 White3 – 1Bilbrook Juniors U15
CUP04/01/20Mansfield Town Youth U154 – 1Dudley Sports Juniors U15
CUP04/01/20Newcastle Town Juniors U152 – 1Hednesford Town Youth Development U15
CUP04/01/20Nunnery Wood Colts U1511 – 0Banbury United Youth U15
MJPL04/01/20Oadby Owls U15 20183 – 9Wyrley Juniors U15 Warriors
CUP04/01/20Sedgley White Lions U153 – 4Allexton & New Parks Junior U15
CUP04/01/20Shrewsbury Town In The Community U152 – 2Tamworth FC U15
(Pen 3-4)
CUP04/01/20Solihull U15 M1 – 0Kidderminster Lions U15
MJPL04/01/20Stafford Rangers Juniors U150 – 8Boldmere St Michaels Juniors U15 DT
CUP04/01/20Stratford Town Colts U152 – 0Droitwich Spa Boys & Girls U15
CUP04/01/20Sutton Coldfield Town Juniors U152 – 1Lichfield Round Table U15 Silver
CUP04/01/20Trysull Tigers U15 West2 – 1Solihull Moors FC U15 DS
MJPL04/01/20Wolverhampton Olympic U15 United1 – 3C S Colts U15
CUP04/01/20Wyrley Juniors U15 Panthers2 – 3Newcastle Town Juniors U15 Community
WCC21/12/19Kidderminster Lions U152 – 4worcestershirefa.com
WCC21/12/19worcestershirefa.com0 – 14Droitwich Spa Boys & Girls U15
WCC21/12/19worcestershirefa.com2 – 4Nunnery Wood Colts U15

Upcoming Fixtures

MJPL11/01/20Tamworth FC U15Newcastle Town Juniors U15
MJPL11/01/20Alvis Junior U15Eastwood C Youth U15
MJPL11/01/20Abbey Hulton United Youth FC U15Coventry Sporting U15
MJPL11/01/20Allexton & New Parks Junior U15A F C Gornal U15 East
MJPL11/01/20Allscott AFC U15Rugby Borough U15
MJPL11/01/20Banbury United Youth U15Nunnery Wood Colts U15
MJPL11/01/20Basford United Community Youth F.C. U15AFC Telford United U15
MJPL11/01/20Belvedere Park U15Borrowash Victoria U15
CUP11/01/20Bilbrook Juniors U15Lane Head U15 Swifts
CUP11/01/20Brackley Town Juniors U15Boldmere St Michaels Juniors U15 DT
CUP11/01/20C S Colts U15Bedworth United FC U15
MJPL11/01/20Caterpillar Juniors U15Leicester Road Juniors U15
MJPL11/01/20Corby Warriors Youth U15 Warrior DonsWyrley Juniors U15 Panthers
MJPL11/01/20Diamonds Academy U15 RedHarpole U15 Elite
MJPL11/01/20Droitwich Spa Boys & Girls U15Stratford Town Colts U15
MJPL11/01/20Dudley Sports Juniors U15Solihull U15 M
MJPL11/01/20Kidderminster Lions U15Tamworth Academy U15
CUP11/01/20Lichfield Round Table U15 WhiteWolverhampton Olympic U15 United
MJPL11/01/20Newcastle Town Juniors U15 CommunityAlvechurch Colts U15
CUP11/01/20Oadby Owls U15 2018Chesterton U15
MJPL11/01/20Phoenix United Minor U15Mansfield Town Youth U15
MJPL11/01/20Sedgley White Lions U15Sutton Coldfield Town Juniors U15
MJPL11/01/20Shifnal Harriers Juniors U15Solihull Moors FC U15 DS
CUP11/01/20Sutton United U15Edgbaston Eagles U15 YD
MJPL11/01/20Trysull Tigers U15 WestD B A U15 Juniors
MJPL11/01/20Aylestone Park Youth U15Brewood Juniors U15
MJPL11/01/20Coventry Sky Blues U15 EaglesOadby Owls U15
MJPL11/01/20Crewe U15 SharksA F C Hilton U15
MJPL11/01/20Hednesford Town Youth Development U15Lichfield Round Table U15 Silver
MJPL18/01/20Bedworth United FC U15Kidderminster Lions U15
MJPL18/01/20Alvis Junior U15Borrowash Victoria U15
MJPL18/01/20A F C Hilton U15Lane Head U15 Swifts
CUP18/01/20Abbey Hulton United Youth FC U15Caterpillar Juniors U15
MJPL18/01/20AFC Telford United U15Belvedere Park U15
CUP18/01/20Allexton & New Parks Junior U15Sutton Coldfield Town Juniors U15
MJPL18/01/20Allscott AFC U15Trysull Tigers U15 West
MJPL18/01/20Bilbrook Juniors U15Corby Warriors Youth U15 Warrior Dons
CUP18/01/20Brewood Juniors U15A F C Gornal U15 East
MJPL18/01/20C S Colts U15Tamworth FC U15
MJPL18/01/20Chesterton U15Boldmere St Michaels Juniors U15 DT
CUP18/01/20Coventry Sporting U15Stratford Town Colts U15
MJPL18/01/20Droitwich Spa Boys & Girls U15Sutton United U15
MJPL18/01/20Dudley Sports Juniors U15Brackley Town Juniors U15
MJPL18/01/20Edgbaston Eagles U15 YDBasford United Community Youth F.C. U15
MJPL18/01/20Harpole U15 EliteBanbury United Youth U15
MJPL18/01/20Leicester Road Juniors U15Diamonds Academy U15 Red
MJPL18/01/20Mansfield Town Youth U15Oadby Owls U15 2018
MJPL18/01/20Nunnery Wood Colts U15Crewe U15 Sharks
MJPL18/01/20Oadby Owls U15Wyrley Juniors U15 Warriors
CUP18/01/20Rugby Borough U15Phoenix United Minor U15
CUP18/01/20Shifnal Harriers Juniors U15D B A U15 Juniors
MJPL18/01/20Shrewsbury Town In The Community U15Solihull Moors FC U15 DS
CUP18/01/20Stone Dominoes Development U15 RedNewcastle Town Juniors U15
MJPL18/01/20Wolverhampton Olympic U15 UnitedHednesford Town Youth Development U15
MJPL18/01/20Wyrley Juniors U15 PanthersSedgley White Lions U15
CUP18/01/20Aylestone Park Youth U15Newcastle Town Juniors U15 Community
MJPL18/01/20Lichfield Round Table U15 SilverLichfield Round Table U15 White
CUP18/01/20Eastwood C Youth U15Alvechurch Colts U15
CUP18/01/20Tamworth Academy U15Coventry Sky Blues U15 Eagles
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