1Alvechurch Colts880051824
2Carl Baker Football Academy862028820
3Aylestone Park Youth761018619
4Mickleover R B L9603332618
5Harborough Town Juniors Academy7511181216
6Abbey Hulton United Youth FC750223915
7Rothwell Corinthians642028814
8Solihull M641124713
9Newcastle Town Juniors641125913
10Oxford City FC641124913
11Spratton FC741215713
12A F C Gornal East 2641111313
13Redditch United FC RW7403171412
14Brackley Town Juniors7403241612
15Lichfield Round Table Silver7403211312
16Edgbaston Eagles YD7403191112
17Tamworth Academy FC6321211511
18Sutton Coldfield Town Juniors7322271611
19Basford United Community Youth F.C.431016410
20Spitfires Red8314262810
21Lane Head Swifts8314222210
22Hednesford Town Youth Development631291110
23D B A Juniors5311101610
24Bilbrook Juniors531113610
25Sedgley White LionS6312151210
26Belvedere Park6312131010
27Brewood Juniors Casuals531110710
28Nunnery Wood Colts6312171710
29Shifnal Harriers Juniors8314152210
30Wyrley Juniors Warriors8215183510 *
31Oadby Owls630321149
32Loscoe AFC Prims730419179
33Stone Dominoes Development Red630327159
34Crewe Sharks43011569
35Romulus FC720512339 *
36Walsall Community Trust722316178
37Leicester Road Juniors62228148
38Newcastle Town Juniors Community621311137
39Rugby Borough521214107
40Kidderminster Lions52128107
41AFC Telford United521210137
42Stratford Town FC821516257
43Allscott AFC72149277
44Lichfield Round Table White5212897
45Caterpillar Juniors42111347
46Proline Coaching Academy42111167
47Eastwood C Youth521212117
48Droitwich Spa Boys & Girls721413177
49Bedworth United FC721413187
50Wyrley Juniors Panthers520318136
51Diamonds Academy Red420216136
52Banbury United Youth720511306
53Nuneaton Borough FC61056296 *
54Old Wulfrunians Juniors61239165
55Phoenix United Minor41126114
56Solihull Moors FC DS60429154
57Shrewsbury Town In The Community Boy51139164
58Redditch United FC PG41126134
59City of Stoke Football Club Youth61148324
60C P Coaching Academy4103583
61Harpole Elite740319203 *
62Tamworth Academy41039163
63Trysull Tigers West50236152
65Boldmere St Michaels Juniors CM601511291
66Dudley Sports Juniors80178391
67Oadby Owls 201870076360

Recent Results

05/12/20A F C Gornal U16 East 21 – 0Proline Coaching Academy U16
5/12/20Bedworth United FC U163 – 1City of Stoke Football Club Youth U16
05/12/20Belvedere Park U16P – PSutton Coldfield Town Juniors U16
05/12/20Boldmere St Michaels Juniors U16 CMP – PTamworth Academy FC U16
05/12/20Carl Baker Football Academy U164 – 2Oxford City FC U16
05/12/20Droitwich Spa Boys & Girls U162 – 2Spitfires U16 Red
05/12/20Dudley Sports Juniors U160 – 7Solihull U16 M
05/12/20Edgbaston Eagles U16 YD5 – 1Romulus FC U16
05/12/20Lane Head U16 SwiftsP – PRugby Borough U16
05/12/20Lichfield Round Table U16 White2 – 0Shifnal Harriers Juniors U16
05/12/20Loscoe AFC Prims U161 – 5Redditch United FC U16 RW
5/12/20Mickleover R B L U160 – 6Alvechurch Colts U16
5/12/20Newcastle Town Juniors U16P – PLichfield Round Table U16 Silver
5/12/20Nuneaton Borough U16 FCP – PNewcastle Town Juniors U16 Community
5/12/20Stratford Town FC U163 – 4Stone Dominoes Development U16 Red
5/12/20Tamworth Academy U16P – PNunnery Wood Colts U16

Upcoming Fixtures

5/12/20Bilbrook Juniors U16Harborough Town Juniors U16 Academy
12/12/20Allscott AFC U16Nuneaton Borough U16 FC
12/12/20Alvechurch Colts U16Carl Baker Football Academy U16
12/12/20Brackley Town Juniors U16Bilbrook Juniors U16
12/12/20Brewood Juniors Casuals U16Crewe U16 Sharks
12/12/20Chesterton U16Boldmere St Michaels Juniors U16 CM
12/12/20Harborough Town Juniors U16 AcademyTamworth Academy FC U16
12/12/20Hednesford Town Youth Development U16Oadby Owls U16
12/12/20Kidderminster Lions U16Wyrley Juniors U16 Panthers
12/12/20Lichfield Round Table U16 SilverSpratton FC U16
12/12/20Loscoe AFC Prims U16Diamonds Academy U16 Red
12/12/20Newcastle Town Juniors U16 CommunityRedditch United FC U16 PG
12/12/20Nunnery Wood Colts U16Belvedere Park U16
12/12/20Oadby Owls U16 2018Dudley Sports Juniors U16
12/12/20Old Wulfrunians Juniors U16Banbury United Youth U16
12/12/20Oxford City FC U16Solihull U16 M
12/12/20Proline Coaching Academy U16Abbey Hulton United Youth FC U16
12/12/20Redditch United FC U16 RWAFC Telford United U16
12/12/20Romulus FC U16Leicester Road Juniors U16
12/12/20Rugby Borough U16Wyrley Juniors U16 Warriors
12/12/20Sedgley White Lions U16Caterpillar Juniors U16
12/12/20Shifnal Harriers Juniors U16Lane Head U16 Swifts
12/12/20Shrewsbury Town In The Community U16 BoyCity of Stoke Football Club Youth U16
12/12/20Spitfires U16 RedLichfield Round Table U16 White
12/12/20Stone Dominoes Development U16 RedDroitwich Spa Boys & Girls U16
12/12/20Sutton Coldfield Town Juniors U16Edgbaston Eagles U16 YD
12/12/20Tamworth Academy U16C P Coaching Academy U16
12/12/20Aylestone Park Youth U16Basford United Community Youth F.C. U16
12/12/20Eastwood C Youth U16Walsall Community Trust U16
12/12/20Rothwell Corinthians u16A F C Gornal U16 East 2
12/12/20Solihull Moors FC U16 DSBedworth United FC U16
12/12/20Phoenix United Minor U16Stratford Town FC U16
19/12/20Abbey Hulton United Youth FC U16Redditch United FC U16 RW
19/12/20A F C Gornal U16 East 2Solihull U16 M
19/12/20AFC Telford United U16Walsall Community Trust U16
19/12/20Alvechurch Colts U16Oxford City FC U16
19/12/20Banbury United Youth U16Harpole U16 Elite
19/12/20Belvedere Park U16Rugby Borough U16
19/12/20Bilbrook Juniors U16Lichfield Round Table U16 Silver
19/12/20Boldmere St Michaels Juniors U16 CMOadby Owls U16 2018
19/12/20Brackley Town Juniors U16Proline Coaching Academy U16
19/12/20C P Coaching Academy U16Bedworth United FC U16
19/12/20Caterpillar Juniors U16Loscoe AFC Prims U16
19/12/20Chesterton U16Dudley Sports Juniors U16
19/12/20D B A U16 JuniorsSpratton FC U16
19/12/20Droitwich Spa Boys & Girls U16worcestershirefa.com
19/12/20Edgbaston Eagles U16 YDSpitfires U16 Red
19/12/20Lane Head U16 SwiftsPhoenix United Minor U16
19/12/20Mickleover R B L U16Brewood Juniors Casuals U16
19/12/20Newcastle Town Juniors U16Nunnery Wood Colts U16
19/12/20Nuneaton Borough U16 FCSolihull Moors FC U16 DS
19/12/20Oadby Owls U16Leicester Road Juniors U16
19/12/20Redditch United FC U16 PGShrewsbury Town In The Community U16 Boy
19/12/20Sedgley White Lions U16Romulus FC U16
19/12/20Shifnal Harriers Juniors U16Wyrley Juniors U16 Panthers
19/12/20Stratford Town FC U16Tamworth Academy U16
19/12/20Tamworth Academy FC U16Hednesford Town Youth Development U16
19/12/20worcestershirefa.comKidderminster Lions U16
19/12/20Wyrley Juniors U16 WarriorsAllscott AFC U16
19/12/20Aylestone Park Youth U16Rothwell Corinthians u16
19/12/20Crewe U16 SharksCarl Baker Football Academy U16
19/12/20Lichfield Round Table U16 WhiteOld Wulfrunians Juniors U16
19/12/20Eastwood C Youth U16Newcastle Town Juniors U16 Community
19/12/20Basford United Community Youth F.C. U16Harborough Town Juniors U16 Academy
19/12/20Diamonds Academy U16 RedStone Dominoes Development U16 Red
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